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Knot tying - Important knots to know for Global Rescue Systems


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The Clove Hitch is an easy knot to tie, and it secures a line to a tree or post quickly, but it does slip when used alone, without any other knots as a backup.

How to Tie: To create a Clove Hitch on a tree, make a loop of rope around the tree. Then make another loop and pass the free end of the rope under the second loop before tightening. To tie this one over a post or stake, just create a loop in the free end of the rope and slide it over the post. Then make another loop the same as the first. Put the second loop over the post (just above the first loop) and tighten the hitch.





The Figure 8 makes a stopper knot at the end of a line, and it's necessary to use this knot in order to tie several other more complex knots.

How to Tie: To tie a Figure 8, also known as a Flemish Knot, you simply pass the free end of a line over itself to form a loop. Continue under and around the line's end, and finish the knot by passing the free end down through the loop.